I am a commercially astute digital marketing consultant with over twenty years experience working with agencies, startups and brands such as the BBC, LEGO, FameFlynet and Entertainment One to deliver tangible results from social and digital marketing campaigns, digital promotions and content strategies.

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I have over 20 years experience in digital marketing, having founded and run digital agency Egovision from 1998 until acquisition in 2008, taking the new role of European Managing Director for global Digital Promotions agency Brandmovers. Now an independent digital marketing consultant, I work with brands and agencies to devise and develop creative digital strategies aligned to their business objectives.

A frequent speaker at digital and social media industry events across the UK, I have presented sessions and run workshops on the effective use of digital for several industries including PR, television, film and consumer loyalty, and sat on the industry advisory board for Arts and the Creative Industries at London South Bank University, where I have lectured and taught on digital design to Masters level.

I have worked with brands such as LEGO, Manchester United, Entertainment One, Sainsbury’s, Ubisoft, Curzon Artificial Eye, Peccadillo Pictures, FameFlynet and the BBC as well as consulting with agencies to devise and deliver digital campaigns for their clients.

Awards include IPM Silver x 2 for £10M Giveaway (TBK Group), 2 x W3 2 x Davey & OMMA Award for Digital Marketing for United in History (Manchester United), BestforWeb Award for MyFerryLink campaign, Website of the week, New Media Age for Hong Kong Legends, Website of the day, Time Out for London’s Calling.

My Expertise

In over twenty years in digital marketing, I have first-hand experience in delivering the full suite of digital marketing services from the basics of web design and creative direction, development and technical management to developing digital product and movie launch strategies, devising digital training programmes and implementing multinational social and digital content strategies all measurable and aligned to business objectives.

I am uniquely placed to offer best-in-class guidance with:

My Services

I am a results-driven and commercially astute Digital Marketing Consultant with over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering digital and social marketing strategies, campaigns and promotions that deliver tangible results for a broad range of agencies and companies from start-ups to SMEs to national and international big name brands such as such as the BBC, LEGO, Fame Flynet and Entertainment One.
In that time I have founded, established and achieved exit with two digital marketing agencies having led on sales & marketing strategy and process development.
I am uniquely placed to offer best-in-class guidance with:


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