#ICYMI Digital Marketing Digest 5 August 2019

In Case You Missed It, some of the more interesting stories, articles, blog posts and news in marketing, digital marketing and digital promotions from last week:

Influencer Marketing: Finally some much-needed transparency as sponsored posts with #ad on Instagram almost double:


Email Marketing: New research on email opens shows 10-11AM is still peak time for best recipient engagement. Read the full article by Ayaz Nanji here:


Facebook: In a move they say could make interest selection easier, Facebook is to remove thousands of outdated interest targets for advertising:


Marketing: Twitter Releases Major Events Calendar for August to Assist with Strategic Planning. Read Andrew Hutchinson’s article here:


FAKE NEWS! SAD!: Fakey McFake! The Daily Telegraph Is Counting People With Fake Email Addresses As Its “Registered Users” from Mark Di Stefano:


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