#ICYMI Digital Marketing Digest 3 June 2019

In Case You Missed It, some of the more interesting stories, articles, blog posts and news in marketing, digital marketing and digital promotions from last week:

Branding: From one small kooky, but genius idea, much earned media grows and a back-of-cupboard classic is once again front-of-mind. The Big Ben On HP Sauce Is Now Covered In Scaffolding:


VR and AI without the BS: “What are the opportunities in virtual reality and augmented reality for marketers in creating meaningful experiences?”, asks The Drum, who provide some real and practical examples without the usual deliberate fluff. Well worth a read:


Personalisation: Consumer behaviour may not be what marketers think it is, as a consumer study finds ‘personalisation’ lowest on a long list of retailer considerations.


Promotions: Cool beans (see what I did there ? 👀)! Chipotle’s new promotion connects live commentary of the NBA Championship series with Twitter in a gamified fire drill giveaway:


Social Media: Average time spent on Instagram grows whilst Facebook & Snapchat appear to flatline. Facebook is still a fair way ahead in terms of actual time spent though:


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