#ICYMI Digital Marketing Digest 20 May 2019

In Case You Missed It, some of the more interesting stories, articles, blog posts and news in marketing, digital marketing and digital promotions from last week:

Twitter Management: Following user consultation, Twitter adds new tweet creation tools to its native tweet management app TweetDeck, including the option to add GIFs, threads, polls and emoji:


Effective Advertising: All the data crunching in the world is for nothing if advertisers and marketers fail to make an emotional connection with consumers. Marketing Week’s article on Levi’s classic “laundrette” ad and how it led to an 800% sales boost is well worth a read:


Consumer Engagement: To continue the above theme, whilst data helps marketers identify consumers, what drives them and validates creative campaigns, the goal is always to make an emotional connection. Jackanory’s Jo Curtis shares how brands can emotionally engage with consumers in this data-driven age:


Pee Off: Coconut water brand Vita Coco’s attempt to be bold and disruptive on social medially by having a staffer pictured holding what appears to be a Coco Vita branded bottle of urine to wind up an online hater didn’t quite hit the spot:


This, Basically This: If, like me (here for example) you curate content to share as part of your B2B marketing strategy, here are some great tips and inspiration for me, I mean you:


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