#ICYMI Digital Marketing Digest 2 September 2019

In Case You Missed It, some of the more interesting stories, articles, blog posts and news in marketing, digital marketing and digital promotions from last week:

Images Can I Use That Picture? How to Legally Use Copyrighted Images from the Blog:


Sales & Marketing Strategy: Is your business optimised for lead generation and prospect conversion? I’ve just launched a new service to help companies implement data-driven new business strategies to generate more and better quality leads, focus activity where it is most profitable and utilise a full-cycle process to track and gain insights from all sales and marketing activities. Find out more here:


Events & Experiential: As ’the digital guy’, I’m often tasked with adding extra digital value to events or experiential activations. This article by Brett Hyman hits the nail on the head


Text Messaging: Some digital marketers are threatened by text messaging being the biggest form of digital communication in emerging markets. For me it just means marketers & brands have to put more time, effort and resource into developing great content. The lazy switch is off:


Pinterest: Pinterest Provides New Insights on Seasonal Pin Trends:


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