#ICYMI Digital Marketing Digest 19 August 2019

In Case You Missed It, some of the more interesting stories, articles, blog posts and news in marketing, digital marketing and digital promotions from last week:

Film Marketing: Facebook’s new cinema ad formats look pretty cool (and just in time for my next session teaching digital marketing at the National Film & Television School, deck updated!), giving cinema-goers the options to get notified when a movie is released as well as purchase tickets direct:


Digital Audit (Plug): Want to maximise your digital marketing? I’ve just launched a professional digital audit service. Find out how to get expert analysis and recommendations for your web site, social media, search, email, PPC here:


Loyalty: Loyalty360 asks “Is the Pareto Principle Obsolete?” Really interesting read on loyalty, which does make some excellent points but is ultimately wrong in the detail, with recent research suggesting up to 60% of purchases are actually from disloyal (1 purchase in 5 years) consumers.


Google Update: Google has released some cool new features for Google My Business, and here’s Neil Patel with the rundown on How to Generate More Traffic with Google’s New Features:


Facebook: When you get swallowed by the beast, you get swallowed by the beast. No Co-Founders Are Left From Any of Facebook’s Major Acquisitions:


Branding: Fascinating history of how the logo we’ve all come to know and recognise (usually when they cut in front of you without indicating) was born. BMW reveals the truth behind its logo via Creative Bloq:


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