Digital Audit

Are you getting the most from your digital channels?

I can help you evaluate how well your digital marketing is working with a detailed digital audit and recommendations to improve your digital performance.

A digital audit will allow you to:

Assess how well your digital strategy, digital platforms and channel strategies are working towards your business goals and better allocate budget and resources to achieving success.

Evaluate the digital channel mix and see where there are opportunities to generate growth and where there are issues which need addressing.

Get a clear view of how well your website is working to support your aims, where improvements might be required and how well the site content is performing on search, including Google and Bing.

Measure the effectiveness of your social channels, how well they attract and engage your customers and prospects, how closely your social media followers match your target consumer and which channels are the best fit and offer the best value for your business.

See how your email marketing campaigns are performing, how well integrated your email database / CRM is within the mix and if you are maximising your subscribers.

Understand the most profitable opportunities with your paid media, PPC campaigns, paid search, social ads, shopping campaigns.

I will undertake a performance and visibility review of your brand, including
      • Website performance
      • Search performance
      • Social channels review
      • Email marketing review
      • Paid media benchmarking
      • Recommended actions

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